Chattanooga's Kids on the Block



The Kids on the Block education curriculum uses the non-threatening medium of puppetry to introduce a number of sensitive topics to children in the classroom. Because Kids on the Block uses puppets, this allows for a unique and effective brand of communication, especially since children are often hesitant to interact freely with adults.

For example, during our divorce program, the children watch a script in which our "kid", Brenda, talks about her parents divorce. She talks about how the divorce made her feel, how she learned to talk about her feelings and how she learned that the divorce was not her fault. After the script, Brenda ask the children if they have any questions for her about her parents divorce. The children will ask Brenda personal questions and sometimes tell her about their own experiences with divorce, because the children see Brenda just as another kid. The children are comfortable talking to her as a peer, freely and openly, rather than the reserved way they might address an adult.

To reinforce the material taught in each program, every topic has relevant activity sheets for the children, and teacher packets with follow up material for the adults. The teachers can use the information and activities contained in the teacher packets to continue educating their class after the puppet program has ended. In addition to the activity sheets, the children are also given letterforms on which they are asked to write or draw a picture of what they liked about the program, and most importantly, what they learned. The letters are collected by the teachers and returned to our office where trained staff members score the letters and report any relevant information to the proper authorities.

Because of Kids on the Block's attention to the detail and current and accurate information, our organization is trusted to introduce audiences to subject matters that might otherwise be difficult to teach in the classroom, community settings and even at home.